Ink & Osprey is an independent design studio based in Los Angeles.

We specialize in innovative, quality-driven design, collaborating with clients on works of substance and imagination.


Rachel Many is a Los Angeles based graphic designer and art director with experience in print, production, and digital media. Her core studio practice balances creativity with functionality and embraces geometrics, typography, and distinctly different textures. Rachel launched her own studio to collaborate with companies to create beautiful brands with a unique and modern sensibility.

The studio bears its name from her beloved grandparent’s home in Osprey Pointe off the southern shores of Long Island, where Rachel’s imagination first took flight.


Ink & Osprey Studio’s collection is an assortment of unique desktop accessories and fine art paper goods designed by Rachel Many. Inspired by a desire to create tangible objects that bring a clever and unique viewpoint to the workspace, the studio’s offerings are thoughtfully designed with a geometric and minimalist sophistication. Each piece is designed and finished by hand. 




Condé Nast    |    Warner Bros. Records   |   Infuse Spirits
Winc   |    New Era    |    Champion
LA CANVAS   |    Stella Rosa Wines    |    Cinema Thread

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